Pricing Guide

One Dent

Measure across the largest part of the dent with a tape or ruler. Using the chart above determine your price by the cost which is circled, for example an 3" dent will cost £80 to be repaired.

Multiple Dents on Same Panel

Measure the largest dent to find the cost of that dent repair, as above. Then add on the second figure per dent.

Please note, this is a general guide for pricing. Prices will be higher if the dent is located behind a brace. Sound deadening matt etc and prices do not include R&I (remove and install) of lights, door cards, head liners to gain access to the dent.

Aluminum panels are priced at a 25% increase from above pricing. A magnet (refrigerator magnet) will stick to steel, it will not stick to aluminum.

Body Line Dents Add £15 - £45 per dent, depending on sharpness.

Why not send us a picture of your dent using our online quotation form and we'll get back to you with a price.