What people are saying about Dent-Tox.


I had a 4" long crease in my door which was very unsightly, the car was all original and I didn't want it to be sprayed but came across Simon's van which said PAINTLESS dent removal. I didn't realise dent's could be removed this way. Simon came and totally removed it from the door with no trace it was even there, brilliant!

Owner, Combi-Nation (Wales) Ltd

Thanks simon for repairing the door on our Audi, it looks like new again. Especially after being told we needed a new door by another dent company !!!

Nick Marchesi
J Gould, Abercrave

Thanks for an expert repair job on my 35 year old Harley tank; keeping her original decals & needing no paint after a crazy ex with a claw hammer; you're a true genius!! Cheers

J Gould, Abercrave

Dent-Tox removed the small annoying dents on the doors of 2 of my cars. They were completely removed without any evidence of them ever being there. I highly recommend Dent-Tox and you can be certain they will get the job done.

Nigel Brown
Managing Director

Telephoned Dent-Tox and spoke to Simon who was very helpful and offered great advice. He removed the dent on the side of my Audi so I could see no damage at all. Would highly recommend his company saved me a fortune not having to have the car sprayed.

Karl Moran
Business Owner

I was quoted silly money by a local car body shop to repair a dent near my door handle. Dent-tox came the next day and fixed the dent for a fraction of the cost. Would highly recommend.

Mark Sinclair

When you work in the paint trade, time is money. So if I can save myself time and the customer money I call Dent-Tox. They come out quickly and service is spot on. Getting out dents that would take hours in conventional body repair methods! Spot on professional service.

AMP Performance Engineering

Very efficient work, quick and reasonably priced, quality is second to none. More importantly as painters we often find the odd dent that's escaped the filler work and Den Tox has been more than happy to help us out of a sticky situation from time to time. Top guy, be reassured you can trust him with your pride and joy.

Kann Refinishing

If you have a dent or ding in your vehicle or any damage where the paint has not been damaged, try Dent-Tox. Brilliant and will have a go at anything.

Ackland Motor Garage

Had a dent removed today from my motorcycle tank done an excellent job and a perfect finish, would recommend Dent-Tox, will use again.